Student Life; Living on a Budget

It should come as no surprise that student life comes with a number of challenges, many of them finance related. And while Hollywood would have you believe that all students live on nothing but microwave noodles and soda, the reality of the situation can be very different if you just follow a few tips and tricks, like the ones below.

Get a Job on Campus
This tips isn’t just tellin you to look for a job, but to look for a job on campus. There are two main reasons for this. visit this link here!

A workplace on campus is likely to be more flexible with your working schedule when it comes to exam times, often allowing for more leave that a regular employer.

An on-campus employers not only means that you will receive discounts at the employer you work for, but are also likely to be eligible for other discounts around campus at a range of stores you will regularly visit for your school supplies.

On the Subject of Discounts
Speaking of discounts, don’t discount the power of your student I.D. More stores than you would expect are happy to offer you a student discount. Whether it’s a free upgrade, a free beverage, or you save money by buying your books from the Groupon Coupons page for Barnes & Noble, every discount adds up to make your student life easier and more affordable

Why Does It Have to Be New?
If you don’t have a real answer to that question then whatever you are buying doesn’t need to be new, and can be purchased for significantly less from a thrift store without any of your classmates having any idea.

Student LifeItems like clothing and school supplies can be found on various social networking groups for cheap. The way this works is that students who recently graduated are willing to sell their supplies for a reduced price, just to get rid of them. Many of the items, such as some of the textbooks, may not have even been used.

Get Together With Your Dorm Friends
One of the best ways to save money on your food budget is to buy in bulk. The challenge for a student, however, is that they aren’t able to take advantage of these offers because the products expire before they have a chance to consume them. get full details from

However, if you were to get 5-10 of your friends together to make a bulk purchase, each of you can enjoy the benefits of bulk buying without wasting any food. If you take a look through your local warehouse store catalogs you will need a number of items that each of you will need to buy at one stage and one which you can all save money on.

When it comes to living on a student budget, you may not be able to live a glamorous life, but you can at least live a happy and healthy one throughout your college years to keep your brain and your body fueled and ready to learn!

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